contributing in a sentence

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Speeding is a contributing factor in more car crashes involving new drivers than any other factor.

Tempers flared at the staff meeting this week after Joe said that Frank wasn’t contributing enough to the project.

Education prepares young people for future employment, and for contributing more fully to family and community life.

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People who are settling are going to be contributing to our economy.

Diller has a long track record contributing to Democratic candidates.

That we are a culture that is giving and contributing to this community.

715470 The factors contributing to their financial fumbles are numerous.”

Kaamran Hafeez has been contributing cartoons to The New Yorker since 2010.

Investigators said fatigue may have been a contributing factor in the crash.

The Rotary Club is contributing $450,000 toward the facility’s construction.

Sure I’m biased, but I’d say that makes him a contributing member of society.

China is no longer contributing to global growth, and that is a scary concept.

Jon Lee Anderson, a staff writer, began contributing to The New Yorker in 1998.

Adam Gopnik, a staff writer, has been contributing to The New Yorker since 1986.

Second, our diplomacy will be geared up towards contributing to Middle East peace.

Access to quality, essential health care is a serious contributing factor in that.

104837 Ben Greenman has been a contributing writer to the The New Yorker since 2014.

Winder resident Shelli Bond Pabis is a contributing columnist for the Barrow Journal.

Tom Stimpson, 29, is one of them, contributing $50 from his paycheck every other week.

Katherine Grygo is a contributing writer to the Aspen Idea Blog at the Aspen Institute.

This type of brain-activity loss might be contributing to a downward spiral in addicts.”

Fewer Shrimpers Many already have given up, contributing to the slide in domestic output.

Many factors have been cited as contributing to this poor compliance with core capacities.

The Franciscans living there and contributing in various capacities to the retreat centre.

Robin Wright is a contributing writer at Why Aren’t We Asking Iran for More?

Dan Chiasson has been contributing poems to the magazine since 2000 and reviews since 2007.

2016 presidential election Peter Roff is a contributing editor at U.S. News & World Report.

Topics: Cloud, CXO, Enterprise Software Angelica Mari is ZDNet’s Brazil contributing Editor.

We have several thousand employees who are actively contributing to knowledge management now.

The mic is gauging the tone of your voice and how frequently you are contributing in meetings.

McCarthy continued contributing to the work of AI in many universities until his death in 2011.

Nearly all constituents declined, with Boeing and Goldman Sachs contributing the most to losses.

I’m just proud of every single one of those kids contributing to this team the way that they do.”

Washington, D.C. defense spending Peter Roff is a contributing editor at U.S. News & World Report.

Jacob Pedigo and Horton both doubled with Keathley, Averett and Jarrell each contributing a single.

Japan is the UN’s second-largest funder, contributing 10 percent of the world body’s regular budget.

176046 County commissioners will vote Monday on contributing up to $250,000 to cover the local match.

Your reminder will be sent Kaamran Hafeez has been contributing cartoons to The New Yorker since 2010.

Kitamura has been contributing many of his delicious recipes for the Reel Time Northwest Fishing blog.

493504 Most of the troops will be from Nigeria with Chad, Cameroon, Niger and Benin also contributing.

At the same time, some critics have blamed the Gulf states for contributing to the regional conflicts.

Is Disney contributing to ageism in our culture?