completion in a sentence

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It was impossible to keep abreast of scheduled dates of completion.

The construction work is steadily nearing completion.

I intend to carry this project thorough to completion.

The completion of the bronze statue did credit to the sculptor.

The students shared a bottle of champagne to celebrate the completion of their final exam.

The Student Handbook has guidelines that students must follow in terms of attendance, punctuality and completion of homework.

Discussion question: Under what conditions should criminals be released from prison before the completion of their sentences? relegate After completion of the map of the human genome, Dr.

Francis Collins remarked, “We have caught the first glimpses of our instruction book, previously known only to God.

” The unit will move to SpinCo prior to completion of the transaction.

Wilson finished 14 of 32 for 240 yards, a 43.75 completion percentage.

635796 Some of the new roads and rail lines are years from completion.

Hungary also announced completion of a fence along its Croatian border.

Flooding in 2013 had delayed completion of the trail project in Saxony.

The construction project had been scheduled for completion in June 2016.

You will still want more but you will be able to see a bit of completion.

After the completion of the second run, there will be a victory ceremony.

completion of the equity fundraising is expected in early to mid June 2015.

The initial estimate was $254 million with a completion date of April 2010.

The 3,280-feet (1 kilometer) skyscraper is scheduled for completion in 2020.

The completion of three technology projects is also anticipated for next year.

Necessary actions will be taken upon completion of the ongoing investigation.”

It is worth noting that the he never attached a completion date to his vision.

Lewis said the project is nearing completion with only a few more things to do.

The entire project, from conception to completion, reportedly took three years.

The Falcons mustered 54 yards rushing, but no pass completions on five attempts.

In the four years since its completion, however, the runway has seen little use.

However, the harbor venue now has an expected completion date: January 11, 2017.

Targeted 10 times and gave up nine completions for 154 yards and a TD vs. Falcons.

Asia actually dominated 2014 in general, accounting for 74 of the new completions.

Although the plan was near completion after only four years, it ultimately failed.

Hoyer returned, and after a running play and an incompletion, teamed with Hopkins.

Production is due to start by 2017, with completion of an alumina refinery by 2022.

Of course, Hamilton could surprise by starting Jacory Harris and his 13 completions.

“At the same time, we have recently set the course for the completion of the rollout.

882753 Upon completion of her high school graduation, she will be a junior in college.

He threw for two touchdowns for the Chargers (2-4), but he needed one more completion.

Hoyer threw four consecutive incompletions on the Texans’ drive after Clay’s touchdown.

About 4,500 workers work at the Toronto assembly facility and Montreal completion centre.

Picture: Google Street View Canterbury Christchurch library, in 2009, before its completion.

The 737 completion center will significantly extend work currently done for Boeing in China.

The city planned to use the river pending the completion of a new regional pipeline in 2016.

The current completion date is fourth quarter of 2017 for Unit Three and 2018 for Unit Four.

882755 Upon completion, they will be required to complete an Internship of two thousand hours.

The higher barrier is up only on some sections and no new completion deadline has been announced.

The completion date is June 1. The community immediately vowed to rebuild but it hasn’t been easy.

160885 Christodoulides said that there will be an announcement upon completion of the six meetings.

completion of the HVAC joint venture with Hitachi is now expected in the fiscal 2016 first quarter.

Steve Beuerlein completed 10 of 11 passes against Colorado in 1984, a 90.9 percent completion rate.

882754 Upon completion of the project, the driveways will remain in place for use by the condemnees.

Two new cable-stayed suspension bridges are estimated for completion in 2016, and 2019 respectively.

They’ve now been ordered and once CN installs those that should be the completion of that component.”

774427 The reactor is nearing completion, but no specific date has been announced to begin operations.

The buyback program follows the completion this month of a $1 billion repurchase initiated a year ago.

Favre’s NFL career records include 6,300 completions, 10,169 pass attempts and 297 consecutive starts.