above-mentioned in a sentence

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The above-mentioned defense systems normally keep the lungs healthy.

It has adopted the above-mentioned numbering policy.

The above-mentioned triple product expansion was also included.

The above-mentioned contrast has produced a revolution against traditional educational methods.

Teachers of above-mentioned fields are needed especially.

The above-mentioned greatness lies solely on the lower ones.

Freemasonry is totally different to the above-mentioned organisations.

All of the above-mentioned writers produced religious literature.

The above-mentioned literature has to be translated.

Secondary industries are mostly further processing of the above-mentioned primary produce.

This is due to the above-mentioned variable ” user”.

Capitalism has proven to be incapable to reach above-mentioned goal.

None of the above-mentioned books tell this story either.

All the above-mentioned treatments have both advantages and disadvantages.

This is the tale current in the two cities above-mentioned .

The above-mentioned treatise was a first step in this regard.

We pick up this account after the above-mentioned meeting.

The above-mentioned appendix to Sermon I proves it.

But the above-mentioned factors can support Cirrus’ growth going forward.

The last equality follows from the above-mentioned associativity of matrix multiplication.

The catering firm said it wants to immediately fill the above-mentioned vacancies .

Parvati is Durga by the same above-mentioned scriptures.

Do you plan on trying one of the above-mentioned programs?

Greater Shirk consists of the above-mentioned deeds.

For updated information on the above-mentioned subject, please consult the attachment.

All of the above-mentioned issued are key factors in the participation gap.

The above-mentioned “neighborhoods” do not include large sections of Chico.

Genoa also has a large aquarium located in the above-mentioned old harbour.

This sophisticated structure essentially unites the ideas of all the above-mentioned physicists.

The QDP owes much gratitude to the various above-mentioned people.

Theoretically, freezing has some advantages over the above-mentioned methods.

Sore throat can be cured with the above-mentioned techniques.

Gatekeeper trainings will be provided to all above-mentioned professionals.

The above-mentioned stocks are separated by the Ensenada Front.

All of the above-mentioned states suffered more than five reported cases per million.

All the above-mentioned methods involve recording tilt series of a given specimen field.

It is highly probable that both of the above-mentioned theories are partly correct.

We only store data relevant to and necessary for the above-mentioned purposes.

The above-mentioned popes have not possessed the faith of Naaman.

The above-mentioned dishes have developed a distinctively Argentine nuance.