tumor in a sentence

tumor meaning:

n.) A morbid swelling, prominence, or growth, on any part of the body;

tumor sentence:

He was suffering from a brain tumor.

Diet and environment are special causes of tumors.

tumor is removed using robotic video assistance.

The surgeon removed the cancerous tumor on the kidney.

She subsequently has a brain tumor removed.

The tumor can invade and destroy healthy tissue.

There are many different types of brain tumors.

These tumors are either benign or cancerous.

Oncology is the branch of medicine dealing with tumors.

Matthew was wrongly diagnosed as having a brain tumor.

Laser surgery is often used to destroy small low grade tumors.

If tumor cells are present, treatment is required.

Diet and environment are special causes of tumors.

This type of tumor can metastasize and can cause cystic endometrial hyperplasia.

The x-ray revealed a small tumor in her breast.

She received radiation treatments for her brain tumor.

My aunt had a segment of her intestine removed because of a tumor.

Doctors operated on the woman to remove a large tumor in her stomach.

Doctors found a tumor in her breast during a routine medical examination.

She was in surgery for over 5 hours to remove a large tumor on her brain.

Cancer cells can migrate throughout the body, and produce additional tumors.

New technology is being developed which allows researchers to see cancer tumors through flesh.

Doctors operated to remove a massive tumor weighing over 20 kilograms from the woman’s stomach.

The tumor in his back is exerting pressure on his spinal cord, causing some loss of sensation in his legs.

Instead of shrinking, the radiation caused the tumor to swell.

The X-rays can detect tiny tumors long before they are big enough to be felt.

The girl was admitted to hospital last month with what doctors suspected was a tumor.

The tumors regressed and then they appeared to stabilize.

Current cancer cell theory holds that tumors are comprised of a variety of cell types.

My doctor said it was one of the most aggressive tumors that he’s ever seen in a colon.

He had double vision secondary to the tumor and has had two eye surgeries to help correct his vision.