tine in a sentence

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tine meaning:

n.) A tooth, or spike, as of a fork; a prong, as of an antler.

tine sentence:

This deer has three tines on each antler.

A tooth of a comb is a tine.

Can you balance a fork on its tines?

The tines of the comb are very long.

The tines of the gig are made from an inferior quality steel.

The plow is the palm and the fingers are the tines.

There are the tines themselves, which connect to the root.

Walking through the old foundations, you discover broken bits of dinner plates and an occasional fork with its tines splayed.

It also prevents the sign face from sliding down the tines.

In its panic it broke its antlers, shard by shard, tine by tine.

When no knife is being used, the fork can be held with the tines up.

The tines of the tool were originally made of bamboo but over the years metal keys have been developed.

He flattened each ball with the tines of a fork.

Behind each wheel there is a tine to leave a perfect surface without tracks.