tent in a sentence

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tent meaning:

n.) a kind of shelter to protect from the weather, especially in camp.

tent sentence:

We set up our tents before dark.

The children had a midnight feast in their tents.

The refugees slept in makeshift tents at the side of the road.

We must hold down the tents because of the strong wind.

We slept in a tent.

I zipped the tent flaps shut.

There’s a big split in the tent.

They set up a tent on the mountaintop.

The boys pitched a tent by the river.

It didn’t take long to put the tent up.

You put up the tent and I’ll make a fire.

Let’s put up the tent while it is still light.

Food will be served in the hospitality tent .

We set up the tent next to the river.

In a tent an old gypsy woman was reading palms.

She gave an illustration of how to pitch a tent.

The tent has a waterproof coating on both sides.

I went into her tent and she told me to sit down.

The tent protected us from the worst of the weather.

Outside the tent I could hear the constant drone of insects.

We improvised a tent out of two blankets and some long poles.

It’s like living in a circus tent under trainee trapeze artists.

She tried to get a tent at the shop, but she could not find the one she wanted.

They were looking for a place at which they could pitch the tent.

The tent began to sag under the weight of the rain.

The tent began to sag as the canvas became wet.

It took a couple of hours to erect the tent.

It was so windy the tent nearly blew away!

The makeshift tent answered their purpose.

I picked a sheltered site for the tent.

The pressure lamp lit up the tent.

Their company organizes corporate hospitality tents at major outdoor sporting events.

They were wearing only tracksuits and trainers and had no tents, maps, compasses or food.

The travelers are trying to peg down their tents in the storm.

The tents looked very bedraggled after the storm.