sordid in a sentence

sordid meaning:

a.) Filthy; foul; dirty; morally bad

a.) selfishly greedy;

sordid sentence:

I was shocked by the sordid living conditions of the family.

A young actor is trapped in a sordid world of fame.

The poor family moved frequently from one sordid flat to another.

It was one of the most sordid scientific scandals in decades.

The world war represents a sordid episode in the history.

The movies show the ugly, sordid and unspeakable scenes of sadism.

Do I have to hear about your sordid love life?

There were people in the prison who had very sordid pasts.

He called this a sordid attempt to manipulate the judicial process.

She wasn’t sure whether she should tell him the sordid details.

One local publication even claimed the play encapsulated ‘ sordid ‘ content!

Unsafe labor practices have a long, sordid history.

Despite her sordid reputation she actually was kind of cute.

Unsafe labor practices have a long, sordid history.