sob in a sentence

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sob meaning:

v. i.) to cry with great emotion with a convulsive drawing in of the breath

n.) The act of crying with a convulsive sigh, or inspiration of the breath, as in sorrow.

n.) Any sorrowful cry or sound.

sob sentence:

He began to sob uncontrollably.

His words wrenched a sob from her.

I heard a child sobbing loudly.

She was sobbing with pain and fear.

Her eyes were red with recent sobbing.

The room was silent except for her sobbing.

Her mother’s word comforted the sobbing girl.

Her sister broke down, sobbing into her handkerchief.

Hysterically light with fear, I ran sobbing to my room.

I arrived home to find him sobbing uncontrollably on the doorstep.

She apologized, but fifteen seconds later she started sobbing again.

With a sob, Theda flung her arms about his neck and buried her face in his shoulder.

His display of kindness to her opened the floodgates again, and she began to sob loudly.

A huge sob caught in her throat as she rushed across the room to slam the door after him.

On entering the bedroom, she started sobbing.

You’re not going to help matters by lying there sobbing!

She could hear her tossing restlessly in the bed, as muted sobs escaped from her dreams.

The old man sobbed with grief at the funeral of his wife.

If you begin the day with a laugh, you may nevertheless end it with a sob and a sigh.

On entering the bedroom, she started sobbing.

Cate was sobbing when she broke her arm skiing.

The girl was sobbing in the corner of the schoolroom.

She implored piteously a voice choked with sobs.

She was struggling to suppress her sobs.

At last the sobs ceased, to be replaced by sniffs.