Seahawks in a sentence

The Seahawks also will use David King and Will Tukuafu to add depth.

She’s been a Seahawks season ticket holder since the very beginning.

So the tri-Cities has more enthusiasm for the Seahawks than Seattle?

The Seahawks’ defense was almost as big of a revelation in Minnesota.

743123 The local Seahawks Nation in Yakima Thursday was 2,000 strong.

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But although history might not be on the Seahawks’ side, time still is.

Or, have the Seahawks simply made too many mistakes against good teams?

He loved the Seahawks, everything he was about was Seahawks,” she said.

Put it all together, and the Seahawks say everything will be just fine.

It’s interesting to compare those Sonics teams to the current Seahawks.

At some point, the Seahawks will cease to be the behemoths they are now.

What do the Seattle Seahawks need to do to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Mike Florio: Seahawks 27, Steelers 24. Seattle needs another win, badly.

The Seahawks will re-group in time to start turning around their season.

825127 They are 6-2 and have a two-game lead over the Rams and Seahawks.

The 24-year-old Coleman has been indefinitely suspended by the Seahawks.

The most obvious reason for that success is the talent the Seahawks have.

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll was not surprisingly the man given the blame.

The Seahawks improved to 8-5 and moved into the NFC’s No. 5 playoff spot.

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In the Seahawks’ locker room, the players see Cable as a round character.

Mike Florio: Seahawks 29, Lions 13. Calvin Johnson isn’t who he once was.

The Patriots play the Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl on Sunday night.

Monday’s poll: What grade would you give the Seahawks against Cincinnati?

On Sunday, the Patriots will meet the Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl.

Some wondered this week if the Seahawks now had to worry about a letdown.

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson declared the dinner “amazing.”

This season the Seahawks finished third in the league in fewest turnovers.

The Seahawks amassed 370 rushing yards on 62 carries in that span as well.

Seahawks Sports Jim Harbaugh, in Michigan debut, has Seahawks on the brain?

You can read our full coverage of the victory via our Seahawks Game Center.

“He’s worked all over the field for us,’’ Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said.

The question now is whether Lynch wants to suit up for the Seahawks in 2015.

I don’t have $10,000 that I want to give away, Seahawks fan Mark Blair said.

’ Still, the Seahawks scored just one offensive touchdown on 11 possessions.

The Seahawks had led in 62 consecutive games entering Sunday, an NFL record.

The Seahawks didn’t go with their read-option base until the miracle finish.

Of course, the Seahawks are never far from the minds of Seattle sports fans.

Did Pete Carroll’s practice, pregame tactics help lead to Seahawks’ big win?

The NFL loves uniformity, but the Seahawks are a hodgepodge upon first glace.

Seahawks receiver Chris Matthews still is waiting to make his first NFL catch.

The Seahawks were penalized on the first four drives for holding or face-mask.

He’s has not averaged fewer than 4.2 per carry in any season with the Seahawks.

COM (Pat Kirwan) Seahawks: No. 7 Seahawks comment: Do they miss Kam Chancellor?

Colby Underwood is a Seattle native and a longtime fan of the Seattle Seahawks.

Notes • Dez Bryant sounds like he plans on playing Sunday against the Seahawks.

The ball is out and I’ve got two Seahawks taking O’Sullivan down to the ground.

Rhonda Johns is a true blue 12 and a Seahawks season ticket holder for 25 years.

216464 Every Seahawks fan at the SB, please grab yours after Marshawn does his..

2, The Seahawks should indeed have better defensive line depth than last season.

417358 It started with his Seattle Seahawks winning the Super Bowl last February.

And Dobbs played meaningful minute for the Seahawks late in the season last year.

The equipment will be used to monitor the ground-shaking cheers of Seahawks fans.

If the Seahawks were to see Clausen, it would be for the second time this season.

The Seahawks led the league in scoring defense in each of the last three seasons.

Most watched videos Seahawks receiver Jermaine Kearse speaks to the media Tuesday.

He later added that he’d be putting on a Seahawks necktie for the rest of the day.

The October trade of Harvin was the biggest step in the Seahawks’ return to glory.

2. Tight end Jimmy Graham The Seahawks still need to figure out how to use Graham.

The Seahawks have a huge and obvious stake in how the NFL handles these decisions.

Look for them to use a short passing game to combat the Seahawks‘ strong pass rush.

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The Seahawks sent more than four pass rushers on only two of Cassel’s 32 dropbacks.

He was examined on the sideline by trainers, then went to the Seahawks’ locker room.

The Seahawks were down by four and within striking distance of a Super Bowl victory.

Look, there is plenty to be pumped up about when it comes to the Seahawks this year.

But the Seahawks have held him to 4.0 yards per carry and no more than 42 in a game.

But if you watched how the Seahawks played, it was damn clear he wasn’t in the game.

There are a number of areas you can point to if you feel like skewering the Seahawks.

The Seahawks wouldn’t be a victory away from back-to-back championships without Cable.

The Seahawks are 23-2 in that time and did not lose a prime time game in that stretch.

On a cool and foggy night, the Seahawks broke the curse of recent Super Bowl champions.

Garry Gilliam of the Seattle Seahawks talks Sunday about the team’s win over the 49ers.

How the Seahawks regained trust on defense Seahawks vs. Panthers: Who has the advantage?

34350 All week, some players said, the Seahawks had a sense they were ready to bust out.

And that’s why the Seahawks no longer sell out instantly; their own prices are too high.

Here are seven things to know about the Seahawks’ breakout rookie receiver and returner.

One man sported a winter hat from Super Bowl XL, when the Seahawks took on the Steelers.

It was the first time this season the Seahawks have beaten a team with a winning record.

Wilson hit Marshawn Lynch with a 31-yard pass to put the Seahawks in Patriots territory.

Seattle Times sports columnists Can the Seahawks turn around their struggles on offense?

No words: That sure looks like Seahawks wide receiver Jermaine Kearse in that clip, too.

120850 But at Media Day all he wanted to talk about was the Seahawks and the Super Bowl.

» More Seahawks news “It’s always weird with the Rams,’’ cornerback Richard Sherman said.

Seahawks Preview 2015 » Watch for our special Seahawks preview section Thursday in print.

@SeahawksFAN and you have irrefutable proof of this cheating in the balls being deflated?

The Green Bay Packers visit the Seattle Seahawks in the NFC title game earlier in the day.

In May, the Seahawks declined to pick up Irvin’s fifth-year option on his rookie contract.

Pendagrass is taking her son who lives in Alaska and who she says, is a huge Seahawks fan.

GREEN BAY, Wis. – The Seahawks of the Pete Carroll era have always had an undeniable aura.

Carroll also said the Seahawks didn’t get much out of Wilson’s running in zone-read plays.

Do we know anything more about the Seattle Seahawks’ tailback situation against Cleveland?

The Seahawks don’t want to eliminate Wilson’s playmaking – those long plays wreck defenses.

Chancellor was hurt on the penultimate play of the Seahawks‘ final full practice on Friday.

Since 2012, Carroll’s third year in Seattle, the Seahawks are 26-5 in November and December.

The defending champion Seahawks meet the three-time champion Patriots on Sunday in Glendale.

But he also acknowledged that the group missing key plays might be why the Seahawks are 0-1.

Seahawks running back Bryce Brown gets wrapped up by browns defenders in the fourth quarter.

Then there’s Carolina, which is 4-0 and with a win would get the tiebreaker on the Seahawks.

The enigma of the Seahawks offense dropped some balls last week that were right in his hands.

If Turbin is sidelined for an extensive period, the Seahawks could use what Jackson provides.

Terrell played in four games for the Seahawks earlier in the season, mostly on special teaMs.
Miller might be the best blend of catching and blocking the Seahawks have had at the position.

What it’s about for me is this week and our matchup with the Seattle Seahawks, Belichick said.

“But the Seahawks, you can play them in a phone booth or spread them out and it doesn’t matter.

If the Seahawks win, the teams would play another game Monday night, with the winner advancing.

The Seattle Seahawks hoped their playoff situation might have been solved by the end of Sunday.

Seahawks Game Center Photo gallery Steven Hauschka showed record range on Saturday in San Diego.

A&M previously sued the Seattle Seahawks for trademark infringement and worked out a settlement.

As if setting out to prove that point, the Seahawks did not start this season particularly well.

What is beginning to look a little more normal is the passer rating against the Seahawks of 81.9.

Leiweke joined the Seahawks in 2003 and since 2010 has been CEO of the NHL’s Tampa Bay Lightning.

860914 Tight end Jimmy Graham celebrated his first touchdown with the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday.

That is not sanctioned by the NFL or the Seahawks, just idiots trying to make a buck is my guess.

183304 Dawson paid $150 for a customized Seahawks game jersey with the No. 12 and his name on it.

But the witness said no one from the Seahawks organization reached out to her about the incident.

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They didn’t show it, regrouping to shove aside the Seahawks and take full control in the NFC West.

They love the Seahawks, good friends, Washington reds and their two cats, Malcolm and Ink Pot Pie.

It turns out that Seahawks fans are 11 percent more likely to fumble the phone than Patriots fans.

Wednesday, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll was asked how he would defend Bevell amid all the criticism.

The Seahawks were all defensive players: Wagner, cornerback Richard Sherman and safety Earl Thomas.

Two forced fumbles in the second half led to a pair of touchdowns that put the Seahawks up by four.

But where do you think the Steelers will be a week from now after they play the Seahawks in Seattle?

Thomas, though, said who is on the other side isn’t as relevant as how the Seahawks play themselves.

Update: Seahawks running back Thomas Rawls out for season with ankle injuryUnlimited Digital Access.

And as fate and luck would have it, the Seahawks, Ya Gurl Gutie, and Russell Wilson came out on top.

Fox, originally from Seattle, moved to Phoenix 11 years ago but still has affection for the Seahawks.

The Seahawks made a quiet entrance compared to what New England will face upon arriving Monday night.

The Seahawks managed to have a great follow-up regular season while learning plenty about themselves.

The Seahawks we’ve been watching the past three weeks have been about as good as any team in the NFL.

If he could do it … So the Seahawks are the pick here, inspired by the play of the defense last week.

If the Seahawks win Sunday, Denver would have to wait until after the Super Bowl to speak with Quinn.

The postseason seems certain for the Seahawks, and they appear to be a team ready to make a long run.

Kat makes everything from custom Seahawks beer mugs, to wine glasses, to casserole dishes with a kick.

For that to happen, the Seahawks likely will have to win another slug-it-out affair with the Panthers.

Here are quotes and video of lots of other Seahawks following the team’s win over the 49ers on Sunday.