rim in a sentence

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rim meaning:

n.) The border, edge, or margin of a thing, usually of something circular or curving

rim sentence:

Coffee slopped over the rim of her cup.

He ran his finger around the rim of the mug.

He looked at them over the rim of his glass.

The rim of the cup was chipped.

There was a crusty ring around the rim of the ketchup bottle.

The powder left a white rim below his nostrils.

The pink rim of disc contains nerve fibers.

The sporty steering wheel received a leather rim.

The two rims rotate freely in opposite directions.

I was twenty-nine years old when I first looked over the rim of the Grand Canyon.

Many municipal recycling facilities accept tires, preferably without rims.

Wheel rims tend to be made of lightweight metal.

Many cameras suffer from corrosion of the chrome rims.

Peering over the rim of his paunch, he could see a hard-on.

Far up the west rim of the canyon, a coyote yipped twice.

The ball clanked off the rim and toward the left corner.

I prised off the metal rim surrounding one of the dials.

He ran a calloused finger around the rim of his glass.

Uncontrolled and dazed, he seized the rim of the desk and heaved with a burst of anger.

A 1937 Chevrolet and 1930 Ford sport brightly painted rims .

The spring pivots over the fulcrum ring and its outer rim moves away from the flywheel.