rill in a sentence

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rill meaning:

n.) A very small brook; a streamlet.

v. i.) To run a small stream.

rill sentence:

The water in this rill is very clean.

A ditch diverted water from the rill into the fields.

There is a rill system carrying water to the plants.

The old orchard has a rill and seasonal pond.

A bridge spanned the rill.

All of them were stirred by the news and rilled the streets up to the very palace of Pilate.

The garden has a rill running through it.

The hospital’s healing garden has a rill, a water feature that includes a channel.

A winding shallow stream or rill runs down the length in sinuous curves from a fountain.

A small rill runs down the middle of the valley.

rill runs between split rocks, framing the heart of the garden and sweeping curved feature bench.

The wall has a rill running down the top with water flowing down and into a channel at floor level.

Rills and gullies further concentrate runoff and speed up its transfer, which can worsen damage occurring downstream.

The maternal love is a rill, when the brook brook rivulet moistens our heart ~.

From a practical standpoint, rill erosion forms small channels.

There is a spare toilet rill in the bathroom cupboard.

The surface shows deep rill – like folds.