rent in a sentence

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rent meaning:

n.) the regular payment given to the owner of a place for the use of a it.

v.) to allow someone use a place or something in exchange for payment.

rent sentence:

Can we rent a car?

We have a house for rent.

He decided to rent the house.

Where can I rent a surfboard?

I’m looking for a room for rent.

The rent must be paid in advance.

We will increase the rent next month.

We rented an apartment.

They live in a rented house.

I rented a house with a garage.

We rented a house in the suburbs.

We rented a holiday villa in Spain.

I have rented a house and paid the rent.

They’ve rented a farmhouse right out in the country.

He rented a room on the top floor in order to enjoy a good view.

He pays 100 dollars a week rent.

The rent is due one month in advance.

They fell into arrears with their rent.

How much rent do you pay for this place?

The rent money is two months in arrears.

The rent is inclusive of water and heating.

Most students rent rooms in their second year.

The tenant was dispossessed for not paying his rent.

The monthly rent is $ 15, inclusive of light and water.

Tenants who fall behind in their rent risk being evicted.

They were evicted from their flat for not paying the rent.

You cannot stay here ad infinitum without paying any rent.

The property is for rent with an option to buy at any time.

The company will pay the rent, keeping a roof over our heads.

You put your tenancy at risk if you fall behind with the rent.

If your payments of rent fall behind, you will be asked to leave.

They were unable to pay the rent, and were evicted from their home.

In the long run, it works out more expensive to rent a television than to buy one.

Some organizations rent the platforms from municipalities and public utility companies.

Until recently, any money you received in rent was counted as part of your taxable income.

Any apartment will do as long as the rent is reasonable.

He decided to rent his property to that company.

The majority of his income goes to pay his rent.

Tenants are obligated to pay their rent on time.

My client was unable to meet her rent payments.

He occupies the house without paying any rent.

You were behindhand with your rent this month.

The debt collector kept dunning her for the rent.