rave in a sentence

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rave meaning:

v. i.) To talk with unreasonable enthusiasm or excessive passion or excitement;

v.) to praise someone or something excesively;

v. i.) To rush wildly or furiously.

rave sentence:

The play got rave praises in the local press.

The play received rave reviews from the critics.

The kids raved about the fries.

They were delicious and everyone raved about them.

Food was raved about by our guests.

All of my guests raved about the hotel.

Our group of scientists raved about their safari experience in November.

Drivers raved about the excellent track conditions.

Players have raved about offseason workouts compared to last year.

He’s always raving about the government.

He stood on the steps raving at the enemies.

His latest novel is already a raving success.

The customers were raving over our homemade chili.

I get fed up with my mother ranting and raving all the time.

The play’s popularity has been assured by the critics’ rave reviews.

The patient began to rave incoherently at the nurses.

Because in the face of an injustice he will rant and rave.

The play received rave reviews from the critics.

The film opened to rave reviews .

I am a great fan of rave music.

Her performance won rave reviews from the critics.