professionally in a sentence

Michael was extremely accommodating and did his job very professionally.

This course will help you develop both academically and professionally.

Dwayne was too short to play basketball professionally, so he went into coaching instead.

There is a wide range of abilities in our tennis club, from absolute beginners to those who have played professionally.

“I think I was always going to carry on and keep going professionally.

275833 He played professionally in the FHL and ECHL before becoming a coach.

957185 You can have your concrete drive and sidewalk professionally cleaned.”

It’s also been professionally painted and rust-prone parts have been removed.

What do you want to personally and professionally accomplish in the next year?

Burundi’s government has denied abuses, saying its troops acted professionally.

Paivike, who has been professionally racing for about 20 years, said timing will be key.

Burgess started acting professionally in 2013, when she sent a demo reel to Forzani-Mannix.

We are trying to find out what was going on with him personally and professionally,” he said.

His mother and uncles played guitars and banjos but none of them played professionally, he said.

professionally-themed collectible pictures are being displayed in 40 locations across the Panhandle.