pest in a sentence

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pest meaning:

n.) A fatal epidemic disease; a pestilence; specif., the plague.

n.) one who, or that which, is troublesome, noxious, mischievous, or destructive; a nuisance.

pest sentence:

That disobedient boy is a pest.

That child is being a real pest.

Mosquitoes are pests.

Many insects are considered pests by humans.

Rats have long been considered deadly pests.

Many pests are resistant to the insecticide.

Flying pests also constitute a health hazard.

The insecticide will kill off the insect pests.

Birds are the natural enemies of many insect pests .

These birds provide a useful function in controlling insect pests.

You need to be vigilant against garden pests.

The potato is vulnerable to several pests.

That child is an absolute pest he keeps ringing the doorbell and then running away!

He thought it was a phone pest until police collared the culprit with a phone tap.

Most viruses used in pest control programmes have been sprayed directly on to crops.

Dangerousness is taken into consideration when a pest species is selected for quarantine.

Decide whether the pest is a serious threat or merely a nuisance.

But I think it is a pest and a time waster.

Stop being such a pest, Timothy.

Put that back, you little pest!