pave in a sentence

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pave meaning:

v. t.) To lay or cover with stone, brick, or other material, so as to make a firm, level, or convenient surface for horses, carriages, or persons on foot, to travel on;

To make smooth, easy, and safe; to prepare, as a path or way; as, to pave the way to promotion; to pave the way for an enterprise.

pave sentence:

The hot paving stones scorched my naked feet.

The path is paved with concrete slabs.

The dining room opens onto a paved terrace.

The airport has four runways paved with concrete.

A healthy hobby paves the way for better thinking.

Violence will never be a solution or pave the way toward a better future.

The blocks were replaced with asphalt paving in 1925.

Asphalt concrete paving is widely used in airports around the world.

The paving material you choose will greatly affect the landscaping cost.

The radicals are using Molotov cocktails and paving stones.

The discovery paves the way for developing a vaccine to prevent future hepatitis C infections.

A successful campaign paves the way for successful future campaigns.

The discovery paves the way for desperately needed treatment advances.

The research phase paves the way for the development of systems that are commercially viable.

Research paves the way for improving work opportunities.

The appointment potentially paves the way for the formation of a new government.

News comes that Frank’s aunt has died, and this event paves the way for an unexpected revelation that slowly solves the mysteries.

He was freed after five years as part of the deal last month that paved the way for Obama’s new Cuba policy.

It paved the way for fiber-optic communications, CDs, DVDs and sight-restoring surgery.

One of the heaviest series of coalition air strikes paved the way for 8,000 peshmerga to advance.

The death of Lawrence of Arabia some 38 years previously may well have paved the way for their introduction.

This paved the way for a full-scale administrative economic massacre.

Clinton told Oxley that she paved the way for women candidates.

He and the Boyzone lads paved the way for us as a band.

His demolition of the par-fives paved the way for his victory as he played them in a combined 13-under.

His passing paved the way for Ellender’s election.