orbit in a sentence

orbit meaning:

n.) The path described by a heavenly body in its periodical revolution around another body; as, the orbit of Jupiter, of the earth, of the moon.

n.) an area of experience, knowledge or power.

n.) The cavity or socket of the skull in which the eye and its appendages are situated.

v. ) to travel on a path

orbit sentence:

How many planets orbit the sun?

The Space Shuttle is now in orbit.

The earth travels in an orbit around the sun.

The Earth orbits in an ellipse.

The orbit period of mercury is 88 earth days.

The orbiting of the moon round the earth causes two effects.

The orbit is the bony structure around the eye.

The orbit of his understanding math problems is limeted.

He sustained a fractured eye orbit which required surgery.

Three comets passed through Earth orbit.

All six satellites have been successfully deployed in orbit.

They successfully lofted a spaceship into orbit.

How many satellites have been put into orbit round the earth?

Around every atom orbit electrons in what are called shells.

The blast destroys the space shuttle orbiting the earth.

The two stars orbit each other every 505 days.

The stars move along random orbits with no preferred direction.

A fleet of orbiting satellites monitors Earth constantly.

The spacecraft has been orbiting Mars since October 24, 2001.

Scientists believe they have found evidence of many planets orbiting distant stars.

The Hubble Space Telescope discovers another moon orbiting Pluto.

The shuttle orbited the Earth twice in 206 minutes of flight.

The black hole is orbited by a thick disk of hot gas.

Like planets, electrons orbited a central, sun-like nucleus.

When the satellite was conducting its mission it orbited the earth every 80 min.

The town centre is orbited by a ring road.

Another drone orbited the room near the ceiling.