next in a sentence

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next meaning:

adj.) coming immediately after; following.

adj.) Nearest in place; having no similar object intervening.

adj.) Nearest in time; as, the next day or hour.

adv.) In the time, place, or order nearest or immediately suceeding;

next sentence:

He lives next to me.

Look at the next page.

I’ll see you next month.

You won’t believe what happened next!

Can I watch your next game?

He may be on the next train.

He is going to retire next winter.

Turn right at the next crossroads.

I’m puzzled about what to do next.

They are eager to win the next game.

This is the next item on the agenda.

We are going on a journey next month.

A dispute arose over who was to be the next king.

He is due to retire as chief executive next year.

Our present lease on the flat expires next month.

Strife was internecine during the next fortnight.

What Jeff did was to anticipate my next question.

Mix the flour and salt. Next, blend the dry mixture with the butter.

Please tell me when the next meeting will be held.

The next train will be less crowded than this one.

It is next to impossible to make him stop smoking.

The committee will convene at 11.30 next Thursday.

The next prime minister could abrogate the treaty.

The woman next in line began to mutter to herself.

We’ll have to notify the next of kin of his death.

I used the worksheet at the top of the next column.

We were wondering about next April for the wedding.

Drive to the next intersection and make a left turn.

His term of office as governor expires next January.

The two banks will consolidate in July next year.

This matter will go over until the next session.

Watch this space for notice of our next auction.

He was affable at one moment, choleric the next.

I hope to see you the next time you are in Tokyo.

We must hand in a history paper by next Saturday.

In the next few days there will be a sandstorm.

The next issue will feature articles on divorce.

I’m sure you can do an excellent job next time.

Labour are sure to get in at the next election.

Ladies’ separates are on the next floor, madam.

Let’s fix a definite date for the next meeting.

A growth rate of 4% is projected for next year.

He will have to undergo an operation next week.

The next stage was to enter a good arts school.

The next meeting will take place in a few days.

The student was puzzled about what to do next.

We wish to defer our decision until next week.

My memory of what happened next is indistinct.

Digby looked certain to be the next president.