net in a sentence

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net meaning:

strong threads or strings that are woven in a way that leaves open spaces between them.

available after you take away taxes and other payments.


net sentence:

The boy captured the bird with a net.

Small animals can get entangled in the net.

The ball rolled into the net.

The net income each year is $23 100.

The fishes thrashed about in the net.

Your net profit is 5 percent on sales.

The net got entangled in the propeller.

The net profit from the sale was 100 dollars.

Owen managed to scramble the ball into the net.

I use a mosquito net when I lived in the countryside.

Can you tell me the company’s net profit this quarter?

The company reported a net loss of $56 million last year.

Once again terrorists have slipped through the police net.

I put a net over my strawberries as a deterrent to the birds.

I was surfing the net looking for information on Indian music.

I’ve found a really useful website about allergies on the Net.

He volleyed the ball spectacularly into the far corner of the net.

His penalty kick placed the ball decisively in the back of the net.

The keeper comes out and Page curls the ball past him into the net.

This increased yield will reduce still further the net cost increase.

The dolphin injured itself while struggling to get out of the fisherman’s net.

This procedure, known as the capitalization of costs, also increases net income.

Between 2004 and 2007 net exports accounted for 60 % of growth.

The company posted a net loss of 2 million dollars last month.

The fishermen are mending their nets.

The hunters used nets to entrap the lion.

Animals get tangled in fishing nets and drown.

These confiscated nets were a very motley collection.

The bedroom had large bay windows covered with grubby nets.

As soon as they reached the fishing area, the fishermen cast their nets into the sea.

By the production line stand basketball nets and ping-pong tables for use during breaks.

Fishermen with sunburnt faces sat on the beach mending their nets.