melt in a sentence

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melt meaning:

v.) To reduce from a solid to a liquid state, as by heat; to liquefy;*

v. i.) To disappear by being dispersed or dissipated;

melt sentence:

Snow has begun to melt.

Melt the butter in a saucepan.

Plastic will melt if it gets too hot.

The ice will melt when the sun shines on it.

The fog melts away.

The crowd began to melt away.

The snow has melted away.

The ice in the water melted.

The ice has melted.

The snow melted away when spring came.

The next morning, the snowman had completely melted.

Many of the gold ornaments were melted down to be made into coins.

Some of the guns were melted down and used to help build a statue.

Many of the bronze statues were melted down and used to make weapons.

When ice melts, it becomes water.

The snow usually melts by mid March.

The warm air to make chocolate melts.

In the rainbow, one color melts into another.

Every spring, the winter ice melts into the streams and rivers and lakes.

Because of global warming, it’s starting to melt in some parts of Alaska.

Melt the butter or margarine in saucepan, turn off the heat, and add the chocolate.

Tommy looked as if butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth.

Heat the sesame oil in the wok and melt the butter.

If it were merely a pain, it would melt in limpid tears.

Top each burger with a slice of the provolone and allow it to melt.

Huge pieces of the ice shelf break off and slowly melt into the sea.

As the police sirens were heard, the crowd started to melt away.