lime in a sentence

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lime meaning:

n.) A fruit similar to the lemon, but much smaller; also, the tree which bears it.

n.) Oxide of calcium; the white or gray, caustic substance

lime sentence:

Add a few drops of lime juice.

This newly patented remedy is drinking lime juice!

There are three main disadvantages of liquid lime.

The lime trees have been cut down.

I usually put lemon or lime in my tea.

Chicken dishes are combined with lime leaves.

Cake is sprinkled with lime juice before eating.

The bottom and right hand wall are lime stone.

Walls are finished with lime plaster and paint.

Interior walls were normally coated with a fine lime plaster.

Some drops of lime juice are finally added into the juice mixture.

The wall was first pricked up with a coat lime.

The signature flavours of Thai cookery are coriander and lime.

Fresh coffee and cookies, punch with ginger ale and lime sherbet floating in it.

The heavy metal contaminated soil conditioner is a mixture of red mud and slaked lime.

Add the mango, lime juice and rind, chopped chilli, coriander or parsley and the prawns.

Mash with lime juice, a pinch of chilli powder, chopped herbs and seasoning for guacamole.

The entre was duck with lime sauce served with artichoke bottoms filled with baby carrots.