jet in a sentence

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jet meaning:

n.) a fast airplane;

n.) velvet black color;

n.) a sudden rush or gush, as of water from a pipe;

jet sentence:

Her son is a jet pilot.

The jet soared into the air.

I want to dye my hair jet black.

The aircraft is powered a jet engine.

The cylinder is cooled by a jet of water.

This new jet engine is superbly engineered.

The aircraft is powered by three jet engines.

The jet entered Chinese airspace without permission.

He was a pioneer in the development of the jet engine.

The accident happened as the jet was about to take off.

Her private jet landed in the republic on the way to Japan.

Since the advent of jet aircraft, travel has been speeded up.

Two men hijacked a jet travelling to Paris and demanded $125 000.

Everyone has their own ideas about the best way to lessen jet lag.

He chartered a jet to fly her home from California to Switzerland.

She turned on the hose and a jet of water sprayed across the garden.

She stared calmly back, her jet black hair escaping from underneath the wimple.

The horse stood sixteen hands high, its jet black coat gleaming in the sunlight.

Hypersonic aircraft to fly faster secret lies in its use of a ram – jet engine.

Dora does not understand how a jet engine works.

The laser jet printer is out of order.

The jet zoomed low over our heads.

The aircraft is powered by a jet engine.

Australia was a mere couple of hours away by jet.

He left Malmo in his private jet without his recalcitrant caddie.

The computerised control cab of the driver has been compared to that of a jumbo jet.

The best material is jet black, pure glass, free from bubbles or other imperfections.

Suha stared out the window of the jumbo jet, watching the runway fall away behind her.