it in a sentence

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it meaning:

pron.) The neuter pronoun of the third person, used to indicate an animal, abstract thing, group, inanimate object

pron.) As an indefinite nominative for a impersonal verb;

it sentence:

I can’t hear it.

He mentioned it.

Let me check it.

I myself did it.

He may have seen it.

When does it arrive?

How did it come out?

I am fed up with it.

I am going to do it.

I’ll get through it.

I’ll do it later on.

It is impossible for me to do so.

It is no use asking me for money.

It cannot have rained yesterday.

It is becoming warmer day by day.

It has been raining since Sunday.

It was obvious that he was lying.

It is true that he went bankrupt.

It was that dog that bit my hand.

It is a visible star in the sky.

It was typical of her to forget.

I heard it on the radio.

What sort of play is it?

Will it be hot tomorrow?

I feel at ease about it.

It snowed a good deal last night.

It appears that she has a secret.

It is silly of you to trust them.

It seems that he knows the truth.