is in a sentence

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is meaning:

v. i.) The third person singular of the substantive verb be, in the indicative mood, present tense;

is sentence:

Is he a doctor?

Is he studying now?

Is she a taxi driver?

Is there a parking lot?

Is this your first visit?

Is it this hot every day?

Is he in favor of the plan?

Is the dining room open now?

Is there anything I must do?

Is he the owner of that car?

Is she a computer programmer?

Another common accessory is a laptop cooler.

His wife Teresa is still making accessories .

Power steering is electric, reducing accessory drag.

Having a wider array of accessories is yet another advantage.

Fall is here and colorful autumn leaves are abundant.

The 20 metre high waterfall is surrounded by abundant trees.

The age of abundant cheap oil is passed.

Above 60 degrees latitude, ice is highly abundant .

Maths is a mix of abstruse theory and detailed calculations.

This certainly isn’t a job where you can take it easy.

He isn’t the sort of man that boasts of his abilities.

The wound isn’t serious, but may cause some discomfort.

This machine isn’t working; get a mechanic to see to it.

A new model isn’t necessarily any better than the older one.

The bank isn’t performing as well as some of its competitors.

There isn’t much correspondence between their views and ours.

The budget is very tight, so there isn’t much money to play with.

Finding a volunteer to write the computer program isn’t a problem.

She writes very well seeing that English isn’t her first language.

Just speak naturally and pretend the microphone isn’t there.

Programming really isn’t my field – you’d better ask Phil.

There isn’t enough room for us, let alone any guests.

There isn’t anybody in front of the main gate yet.

Isn’t it a shame that the rain spoiled our picnic?

Isn’t it a shame that the rain spoiled our picnic?

Your system isn’t suited to our company’s needs.