hurl in a sentence

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hurl meaning:

v. t.) to throw forcefully or with violence

v. t.) To emit or utter with vehemence or impetuosity;

hurl sentence:

He hurled the brick through the window.

Some activists hurled fireworks and fire bombs.

He hurled shocking words at the First Lady.

They hurled huge stones at enemy’s heads.

With one strong arm he hurled Jane aside.

The strong wind hurled down bits of the roof.

The grenade was hurled from a vehicle passing the bus station.

The soldier hurled the bomb into the enemy gun post.

She wanted to hurl herself into his arms.

She hurls a hammer, smashing the screen.

An angry mob of students and outsiders yelled and hurled bricks.

As you hurl the rock, the canoe moves forward.

As you hurl the rock, the canoe moves forward.

They were firing arrows and hurling spears at each other.

A woman had hurled racist words at the family.

Abuse was hurled at workers who crossed the picket line.

He was hurled out of the hotel for stealing a silver cup.

He hurled a chair across the set, smashing lamps and vases.

Insults were hurled back and forth between the two writers.

The insult that his sister hurled at him still rankled in his mind.

Men with blood streaming from their head wounds stood defiantly hurling stones.

Gangs rioted last night, breaking storefront windows and hurling rocks and bottles.

He tried to run away and hurled abuse.

Suddenly a violent explosion hurled everyone onto the floor.

Protesters hurled rocks, bottles and petrol bombs.

Stones, bricks and bottles were hurled across the peace line.

In the past, armies used catapults to hurl heavy stones at enemy fortifications.

The best cure for unhappiness is to hurl yourself into your work.

I’ll hurl you out of the company if you dare say the secret!

Raft repeatedly hurled verbal abuse at his co-star.

We were all hurled into the battle before the police dispersed us.