hoof in a sentence

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hoof meaning:

n.) The horny substance or case that covers or terminates the feet of certain animals, as horses, oxen, etc.

v. i.) To kick a ball

hoof sentence:

He was woken by spurious hoof beats.

There were horse hoof prints along the trail.

The goalkeeper hoofed the ball to the defence player.

I was following the hoof prints of the sheriff’s horse.

Cow hooves are unsafe because they have sharp edges.

The horse’s legs and hooves are also unique structures.

The horse resists handling of its hooves.

There was an epidemic of hoof and mouth disease among farm animals.

The only sound was the hoof beats of a lone rider.

A hard foot is called a hoof.

Goats usually need to have their hooves trimmed about once a month.

These columns are more common in areas of livestock or other hoofed animals.

Hoofed mammals also practice kicking their hind legs to learn to ward off attacks.

Hippopotamuses are the third-largest land mammal, and the heaviest of hoofed animals.

The legs are strong and muscular with wide joints and hard hooves .

Nailing a shoe to a horse’s hoof is like doing surgery with a hammer and nail .

And then she realised that the hoof beats of his horse had come to an abrupt stop.

Diana, an unwilling international media celebrity, was having to learn on the hoof.