gull in a sentence

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gull meaning:

v. t.) To deceive; to cheat; to mislead; to trick; to defraud.

n.) A cheating or cheat; trick; fraud.

n.) One of many species of long-winged sea birds, mostly gray and white

gull sentence:

I could hear gulls crying over the sea.

I found a nest containing three baby gulls .

Gulls tried robbing eggs from the pigeon nests.

They gulled Cornelio to poison his wife.

The sea gull was beating the air with its wings.

He was gulled by the late night television shopping network and paid high prices.

Thousands of people were gulled by the advertisement.

He took advantage of my ignorance and gulled me.

The poor people have been gulled by the promises of the men that they will have better work, better wages, better conditions.

He is gulled by Iago throughout the play, and eventually Iago murders him.

He is gulled into believing he is a lord.

A few gulls may investigate the site to determine whether food is available.

There were no sounds except the cry of the gulls.

Large malls can regularly attract up to 50 gulls.

Gulls nest in large, densely packed noisy colonies.

Gulls are gliding birds and thus have long narrow wings.

They were like a great flock of gulls swooping to tear and gobble at their prey.

The ivory gull often follows polar bears to feed on the remains of seal kills.

The wings of the sea gull were beating frantically.

Uttering a cry , the sea gull flaps its wings.