glue in a sentence

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glue meaning:

v.) To join with a viscous substance; to cause to stick or hold fast, *&&*n.) thick, sticky liquid used as an adhesive

glue sentence:

You can use glue or a stapler.

She mended a broken dish with glue.

He joined two blocks of wood with glue.

She glued the two pieces of cardboard together.

The sheets are glued together with strong adhesive.

Her eyes were glued to the screen .

He is glued to the television.

He glued himself to his book.

He manages to keep the reader glued.

Can you glue the broken vase together?

Apply the glue evenly over both surfaces.

Use wood glue to glue the frame together.

He used gelatin to glue the papers together.

You can fix the toy plane’s tail with this glue.

It will take about 24 hours for the glue to harden.

The smell of sawdust and glue pervaded the factory.

This new glue bonds a variety of surfaces in seconds.

Sniffing glue is injurious to your health.

The carpenter glued two pieces of wood together.

The sheets are glued together with strong adhesive.

Everyone was glued to the TV set as the election results came in.

She glued her boss’s cup and saucer together as a practical joke.

It’s been glued back together so well you can hardly see the join.

He looked as if he had glued the rakish beard on to his solemn face.

Sarah was glued to the spot, terrified by the scene in front of her.

Sweat had made my skin sticky, and had glued rivulets of sand to my spectacles.