furl in a sentence

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furl meaning:

v.) to wrap or roll up a flag, paper or the like into a tube shape

furl sentence:

This umbrella doesn’t furl neatly.

He was supposed to furl the side flaps in the morning.

He was holding a furled umbrella in one hand.

They unfurled the flag for the ceremony.

The banners were largely furled because of the wind.

Black furled banners are a sign of mourning.

The sails were furled during the storm.

She hit the man with her furled umbrella.

Liamei’s brows furled, and it shook its head slightly.

This net is furled, and when open will reach approximately 4m high and 12m long.

Is there a headsail furling system?

“This is one of the toughest decisions I’ve had to make since I’ve been in office,” he said with a furled brow.

Their emblem is a triple-pronged spear with two banner furls.

The Eagle does not waste energy by furling in high winds!

Two regimental flags lie furled , the battle being over.

When the starter shows a furled yellow flag, it indicates one lap to green.

In the background at the left are a number of ships with their sails furled.