fossil fuel in a sentence

Our consumerist society is very wasteful in terms of using fossil fuels.

Our current use of fossil fuels is completely unsustainable.

We must find alternate fuels.

People on our planet must remember that our fossil fuel resources are finite, so they cannot last forever.

But India has a troubled fossil fuel dependent power generation sector.

Washington should focus on clean-energy jobs moving us beyond fossil fuels.

No fossil fuels are burned, while unwanted bycatch can be released unharmed.

And the results are significant for a global transition away from fossil fuels.

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The good news is we have everything we need to leave fossil fuels in the ground.

And yet Congress has chosen to give deference to the fossil fuel energy industry.

To even consider further reliance on fossil fuels is equally absurd, he explains.

Continued fossil fuel dependency cannot be our inheritance to future generations.

The other proposal, Initiative 732, would impose a $25-per-ton tax on fossil fuels.

Green power takes on fossil fuels Renewables are becoming globally more competitive.

Kuwait, Qatar, Iraq, Bahrain and UAE have similarly fossil fuel-dependent economies.

According to Reuters, UC has become the latest university to divest from fossil fuels.

None of this is their fault; it’s ours, since we keep negligently burning fossil fuels.

The future of people in all countries requires rapid phasedown of fossil fuel emissions.

Globally, subsidies and tax breaks to fossil fuels represent around $600 billion annually.

It hints at carbon taxes as an efficient means of pricing in the full cost of fossil fuels.

Keystone XL also supported a particularly dirty form of fossil fuel development, Navin said.

As a Quaker, she’s a member of the first denomination in the UK to divest from fossil fuels.

Unlike conventional fossil fuels, the “e-diesel” doesn’t contain sulphur and other contaminants.

And as gas is the cleanest fossil fuel, it is “the best candidate for filling the gap”, he adds.

This puts the fossil fuel industry on the wrong side of history, said Kumi Naidoo of Greenpeace.

By mid-century we have to transition off most of our dependence on fossil fuels, and it’s doable.

Burning fossil fuels produces carbon dioxide, which traps the sun’s heat and warms the atmosphere.

“This puts the fossil fuel industry on the wrong side of history,” said Kumi Naidoo of Greenpeace.

Rubin says by concentrating so closely on fossil fuels, “we have put our eggs in the wrong basket.”

“I think it might be a massive warning and a worst-case scenario, if we carry on with fossil fuels.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu urges us to stop our addiction to fossil fuel and to invest in clean energy.

There is no defensible explanation for why taxpayers should subsidize our addiction to fossil fuels.

Alternatively, in burning fossil fuels we are oxidizing carbon that was stored millions of years ago.

Communities would benefit, but many question whether fossil fuels like shale gas are the way forward.

When he steps down in 2016, his country will likely produce more fossil fuels than even Saudi Arabia.

Coal had been the fastest growing of the fossil fuels over the past decade, driven by Chinese demand.

The world runs on energy, and fossil fuels are the only viable economic model right now, Wright says.

Heavy reliance on fossil fuels has made India the third biggest national emitter of greenhouse gases.

And in turn, that implies the price of fossil fuels must be made honest by adding a rising carbon fee.

It also funded lobby groups that questioned the link between fossil fuel emissions and climate change.

New Brunswick and Nova Scotia both remain heavily reliant on fossil fuels for electricity, APEC found.