formal in a sentence

formal meaning:

adj.) Done in due form, or with solemnity; according to regular method; not incidental,

adj.) proper, legal, or official.

adj.) Devoted to, or done in accordance with, forms or rules; regular; orderly; methodical;

adj.) Having the form or appearance without the substance or essence; external;

formal sentence:

The letter was in very formal language.

She kept conversation on a formal plane.

They agreed to draw up a formal agreement.

Guests are requested to wear formal attire.

She completed her formal education in 1995.

Jeans are not appropriate for a formal party.

He gave a formal bow and left the room.

Her dress was too showy for such a formal occasion.

She has no formal musical qualifications.

He wrote a very formal letter of apology to Douglas.

The prime minister paid a formal visit to the White House.

The House voted to punish the senator with a formal reprimand.

I cannot understand the difference between formal and informal English.

They decided to put their relationship on a more formal footing.

People had to wear formal evening dress to go to the Mayor’s party.

The essay suddenly switches from a formal to an informal register.

You’d better recast the first paragraph in more formal wording.

Business letters do not have to be impersonal and formal.

I’m composing a formal reply to the letter.

In practice he acts as a formal head of state.

Many formal and informal approaches have been instituted to prevent ideas from faltering.

NATO is a formal military alliance with America at its head.

They greeted their visitor with formal politeness.

Unorganized territories lack a formal government.

Second, speechmaking requires more formal language.

An aptitude test has a formal, structured procedure.

He kept the tone of the letter formal and businesslike.

formal contract is signed which is renewable annually.

She has a very formal manner, which can seem unfriendly.

A notice informed the guests that formal dress was required.

She contracted a formal marriage to a British ex-serviceman.

It is seldom acceptable to abbreviate words in formal writing.