dupe in a sentence

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dupe meaning:

n.) One who has been deceived or who is easily deceived; a gull;

n.) To deceive; to trick; to mislead by imposing on one’s credulity; to gull;

dupe sentence:

The police had been duped by his fake ID.

Some plants use these marks to dupe insects.

Media propaganda has been duping citizens for decades.

Tom was duped because he trusted everyone.

The customers soon realized they had been duped into paying more.

The old man was duped into sending them his credit card details.

The mind is always the dupe of the heart.

There is no evidence they have tried to dupe consumers.

The young leader was a dupe of foreign forces.

The boy was an innocent dupe in that family scandal.

He maintained he had been an innocent dupe in the conspiracy.

They fall easy prey to traffickers who dupe them with promises of marriage and a better life in Europe.

If people are successfully duped by a magician, then it is magic.

Mr Rennie accused Ian Davidson of attempting to dupe the voters of Glasgow into voting for Labour’s sister party, the Cooperative Party.

He was duped by being fed false information.

They have used religion to dupe the dummies and they take their money.

These men were simply the dupes of their unscrupulous leaders.

Some portray the family as unwitting dupes of conspiracy theorists.

Some fake websites are also set up to dupe potential victims into giving out their information.

He confessed to using post-office boxes and forged bank documents to dupe regulators, customers and even his own son for 20 years.

If they could dupe me as an FBI agent, who was safe?

You poor dupe, she told herself.