dogged in a sentence

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dogged meaning:

a.) obstinate; obstinately determined or persistent;

v.) to follow persistently or antagonistically;

dogged sentence:

He was dogged by his misfortune.

The company has many dogged competitors.

Ten years of dogged work was a failure.

His dogged efforts to change the system have finally succeeded.

They have gained respect through their dogged determination.

I was quite impressed by her dogged determination to succeed.

Inspector’s dogged work uncovered some secrets.

Although he’s less talented, he won by sheer dogged persistence.

Her career was dogged by misfortune.

He had been dogged by bad health all his life.

He achieved success through dogged persistence.

Throughout her life she was dogged by loneliness.

Her ambition and dogged determination ensured that she rose to the top of her profession.

This was achieved through his dogged determination to see it happen.

She was considered one of the most dogged journalists, earning the enmity of high level officials.

In addition to being a dogged news hound, she enjoys reading and writing about travel, animals, Irish whiskey and aviation.

The filmmaker’s dogged pursuit of Douglas and their subsequent friendship is a consistent theme throughout.

Courageous behaviour and dogged endurance are more believable here than in many other types of adventure-story.

‘Why can’t I come?’ repeated Will with dogged persistence.

Such doggedness comes at the cost of further, perhaps fatal, rebellions.<

He had dogged determination and was of undeviating rectitude.

It takes a special strength of character to spend decades doggedly pursuing a theory that attracts harsh opposition.

He was still doggedly pursuing his studies.

He trudged doggedly on until he reached the flat.

In 1943 he was still doggedly pursuing his studies.

They fought doggedly but fell short on flexible tactics.

I kept at it, doggedly and patiently until finally I could skate.

She would fight doggedly for her rights as the children’s mother.

Wagner had climbed up the greasy pole doggedly, and methodically.

Although the men fought doggedly on, a sense of hopeless despair engulfed them.

Tom set his jaw, frowning, listening, and concentrating doggedly on his own life.