deck in a sentence

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deck meaning:

v. t.) To dress; to clothe; especially, to clothe with more than ordinary elegance; to adorn; to embellish.

v.) The floorlike covering of the horizontal sections, or compartments, of a ship.

v.) A pack or set of playing cards.

deck sentence:

The wave swept over the deck.

He coiled the rope on the deck.

You can get some fresh air on the deck.

The hall was decked out with flowers.

The cab was decked out with multi-coloured lights.

Deal the entire deck evenly between each player.

Shuffle the deck of 30 cards comprised of creatures.

He went up the ladder onto the deck.

Most new homes have decking made of plywood.

The lower and upper deck incorporates 10 luxurious suites.

The ship had three decks.

All these cool white bedrooms lead onto a decked balcony overlooking the ocean below.

The canteen was decked out with Christmas decorations.

The hall was decked up with coloured tape and banners.*&&*We make use of the best quality materials for decking.

The lower deck contained the crew accommodation.

The champion decked the challenger in the second round.

I waved farewell to my friends from the deck of the ship.*&&*Childrens play area, with overlooking decking terrace for the adults.

She has ornaments decked on all her limbs.

She stood on deck to gaze at the unfamiliar surroundings.

Six jet-fighters catapulted from the deck of the carrier.

His feet are covered with gold frames and decked with gold anklets.

The boat drew alongside us and a man appeared on the deck.

They decked themselves with trophies of war and the hunt.

She stood on the deck with her long hair waving in the wind.

How can the bus driver see the passengers in the upper deck?

Quincy and I sit out on the deck and read for hours at a stretch.

Wooden decks should be sealed to prevent cracking.

I don’t think he’s playing with a full deck.

The seamen knew where each rope belayed on deck.

He purchased a ticket and went up on the top deck.

I was the only person on deck at that time of night.

I came up on deck to get my first glimpse of the island.