curl in a sentence

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curl meaning:

v.) To twist or form into ringlets; to crisp, as the hair.

v.) To twist or make onto coils, as a serpent’s body.

v. i.) To move in curves, spirals, to bend in a curved form; to make a curl or curls.

curl sentence:

She made his hair curl.

Smoke was curling up the chimney.

curl of smoke rose from her cigarette.

She keeps her hair in curls.

Her hair lost its curl as she got older.

His hands slowly began to curl into fists.

Decorate the cake with curls of chocolate.

His hair spilled in curls over his forehead.

The map had started to curl in at the edges.

The cat curled up on the carpet.

The hedgehog curled up in a prickly ball.

The road curled around the side of the hill.

The photograph was brown and curling at the edges.

Dogs and cats can actually curl up in a ball when they sleep.

I love curling up in an armchair with a good book.

She was not holding the adorable, fat baby with the ashen curls.

Serve with vanilla ice cream and garnish with chocolate curls.

I was curled up on the floor in a corner sobbing hysterically.

The pages crinkled and curled and turned to ashes in the fire.

The boys are curled asleep in the small bedroom upstairs.

He turned and curled the ball around the goalkeeper.

I just curled up when I saw her dressed as a clown.

Her mother curled her hair every morning.

Figo levelled the scores with a curling free kick.

I love curling up in an armchair with a good book.

She looked different since Lily had stopped curling her hair.

The mature leaves are deeply lobed, often curling at the edges.

There’s nothing like curling up with a mug of tea and a good book.

Mary was busy curling her hair.

The little kittens and their mother were all curled up asleep in the same basket.

She has yellow blonde curls and blue eyes.

His hair naturally curled to his shoulders.

Madeleine tucked a curl behind her ear.

The modern games of curling and golf originated in Scotland.