cull in a sentence

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cull meaning:

v. t.) To separate, select, or pick out; to choose and gather or collect;

cull sentence:

He culled the rotten apples from each box.

These extracts are culled from her writings.

The data had been culled from a variety of sources.

The lawyer culled important facts from the mass of evidence.

The farmer culled all the edible mushrooms.

Poor quality articles are being culled from the site in huge numbers.

The researchers culled data from government health surveys.

This biography is based upon information culled from the website.

Many employees have been culled through the community.

he successful candidate was culled away from his peers.

The anthology consists of 15 stories culled from literary reviews.

By culling unhealthy animals, wolves allegedly keep game herds healthy.

Environmentalists claim there is no reason to cull seals.

The cull is thought to have cost many farmers their livelihoods.

Each autumn, the villagers will cull the sick members of the herd.

Most farmers accept the cull as heartbreaking, but a necessary evil.

The plan to cull large numbers of baby seals has angered environmental groups.

The first will almost certainly necessitate a major cull of the 140 committees.

The Huskies continued to cull the best athletes in the West and brought them to Seattle.

The anthology consists of 15 stories culled from literary reviews.

In the reserves of Zimbabwe and South Africa, annual culls are already routine.

The Galápagos National Park Service systematically culls feral predators and competitors.

Davis also culls anecdotes from Flaubert’s letters, which she read while translating Madame Bovary.

The cull is part of a strategy that also includes habitat protection and captive breeding.

The authorities have said that exporting the animals is a better than a cull.