cornet in a sentence

cornet meaning:

n.) a cone-shaped wafer or pastry, used to hold ice cream or the like.

n.) A brass instrument used in place of the trumpet in orchestras.

cornet sentence:

He played cornet in the local community band.

Sally started playing cornet at an early age.

Two young girls are eating a cornet of ice cream.

Matthews makes modifications to the cornets, trumpets and horns.

Jeff is an accomplished cornet player.

I fancy a cornet icecream.

He played the cornet in the school band.

cornet is about 24 inches long and is generally played in jazz bands.

Everyone was so surprised to see a donkey eating a cornet.

Ha was stalking through the town eating a cornet.

I was just listening to them while eating cornets.

I have been playing the cornet for about 7 years now and love playing slow melodies.

He wore a brown uniform and carried a cornet in shining yellow brass.

He was given a cornet at five years of age, and started playing in a brass band at seven.

A young virtuoso cornet player named Louis Armstrong was discovered in New Orleans by King Oliver.