bell in a sentence

bell meaning:

n.) A hollow metallic vessel, usually shaped somewhat like a cup with a flaring mouth, containing a clapper or tongue, and giving forth a ringing sound on being struck.

bell sentence:

It’s the class bell.

Has the bell rung yet?

The bell rang suddenly.

I rang the bell six times.

Ring the bell in an emergency.

I was roused by the sound of a bell.

He raised the hammer and hit the bell.

The electric bell began to buzz for closing time.

The teacher dismissed his class when the bell rang.

All the students run out of the classrooms as soon as the bell rings.

The bells jingled all the time.

The church bells are made of bronze.

The bishop was welcomed to the church with a peal of bells.

The great bells of the clock tower rang out the hour of noon.

The bells of the old temple resounded throughout the valley.

The tower bells chime every hour.

The bells on the harness tinkled softly.